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September 01, 2007


Chris Ebborn

Hmm I choose #5.Yeah yeah I know I'm alraedy coming along to the classes but maybe I'll drag along my second best friend if I win:-)
P.S Dear Bernies children, Keep hogging the computer.
Chris :-) LOL

Chris Ebborn

Woo hoo I'm winning so far:-)

jacqui jones

oooer only one entry comment
well then i just have to have a go..:)
i would so love to be at these classes
so mynumber would be 31

julie myers

my guess is 33

Debbie B

My guess is 21. What a fabulous prize to have on the blog!!!!

Kirsten N.

My guess is 40 - can't wait for the classes!!

Kerrie Gurney

my guess is 29 :)

Nat Mardon

My number is 26
Only just found out that Kim will be up in Qld tomorrow!!?? Am wondering if there's any spots left??

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