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January 20, 2010


Kym Wallin

Wow, I would love to win a free class in February - they all look beautiful and just what us stay at home mums need when the kids finally get back to school!

Heidy Sutherland

Well I like the small amount that I can see of Lilac Ave and Bella Ever After.

Jules The Bling princess

Yes please!!! I like the look of the roses in How Does Your Garden Grow. (-:


how does you garden grow looks very cool!

Christine Robinson

OMG!!! They are all fantastic, i think i will be very busy in February doing any of these classes that are on Thursday nights. Book me in!! :)


I would love some time out doing some scrapping which I never get to do at this time of year. Such a shame we have to work!


How clever is the rose in 'how does your garden grow' love to have a class on themand also have a fun time in the class.


They all look beautiful, as usual! Great giveaway girls.


I love working on nature pages and "how does your garden grow" appeals to me immensely.

Antonia Ritchie

I have been to my email a zillion times in the last two days. Just dropped into the blog to find the newsletter info.
Sweet,Lilac Bella Bug in the Garden. Ready and willing for February action.

Karen M

There looks to be some great classes on offer. The cuttlebug and Rewind look very interesting to me.

Ann Mealin

Ok here I am bored at work and checking out the blog again. Can't help myself - love checking out all the new goodies and ideas. The new classes look great as usual - can't wait for the newsletter tomorrow. Have a fun day (someone has to)!!


I'm not sure of the time there, but I will comment anyway if I'm too late or not to enter.
I love the look of the How does your garden grow? That flower looks yummy!!

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